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| Updated on December 22, 2012 Published on December 22, 2012

Identify this company which sold its stake in a resorts chain.

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Answer to last column’s question: SpiceJet

Those who got it right: S. Moorthy Ram; Bipin Sony; M.R. Krishnan; S.M. Naveen; Mahendar Bansal; K.Raghavendrarao; Nirmal Gandhi; Deepak Prabhu; Vrinda Bhagat; Kishore Singhi; Biju E. Punnachalil; Purushothaman Srinivasan; Rahul Nangalia; Swaminathan S.K.; Dominic Tharakan; Shabbir Sandeep T.A.; Sneha. P; G. RamaKrishna Bhat; Amresh Raghavan; Sukeshini N. H.; Ravikumar Sengodan; Hiren Shah; Panchkori Chakraborty; Kandala V. Vijay Kumar; Sreekumar Pariyadath; B. Tarakaram; S. Chellappa; Srirupa Sen; Muthusami Kuppana Gounder; Satya Kolluru; H.R. Punhani; Ganesh S.; Bala Murali PK; Chinmaya Shyamaraj; E. Balakrishnan; B. NagarajaGanesh; S. Devarajan

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