SBI Industry Wrap: Ports, the unchartered territory

The Industry wrap report from State Bank of India on ports.

PORT - The Unchartered Territory report has been authored by Mr. B. Sriram MD (Corporate Banking Group),SBI.

Brief highlights of the report:

With 7,517 km coastline dotted with 12 major and about 187 non-major ports, the port sector plays a vital role in economic and regional balanced development, as well as also having a significant influence on nation-al integration to the world economic market. In terms of capacity, major ports saw the highest capacity addition in 2016-17 at 101 mtpa (previous year 94 mtpa) with total capacity at Indian ports stood at 1066 mt as of March 2017.

Though major ports have double line rail connectivity, the routes to major destinations are congested. The problem of adequate connectivity is the capacity constraints in Indian Railways network. There is an urgent requirement of last mile connectivity i.e. Major ports should have 4-lines last mile connectivity and Non-major ports must have 4-lane/2-lanes Rail connectivity. Further, links with the western dedicated freight corridor and eastern freight corridor along with proposed dedicated freight corridors etc. will help in last mile connectivity.

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