Top-up in health insurance

Medical expenses many a times overshoot the insurance cover of an individual. Top-up plans can come handy in such times.

Top-up health plans come with a deductible limit. The policy will be applicable only if the expenses overshoot the deductible.

It is the ‘deductible’ feature of top-up plans that makes them cheaper than regular health plans. Higher the deductible, lower would be your premium.

Top-up plans are a cost-effective way of increasing the health expenses cover.

If you have a health cover of ₹2 lakh, you can take a top-up plan with a ₹2 lakh deductible. In any year, when your hospitalisation bill overshoots ₹2 lakh, the top-up cover will be triggered and will cover the remaining expenses up to a maximum of the SI .

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