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| Updated on January 26, 2019 Published on January 26, 2019

I have read BL almost every single day in its 25-year journey. It has stayed distinct from other papers. Its news is verified; its space never lends itself to rumours or corporate story plants; its business and economic analysis are sobe. An investor gets the right balance of what is needed in a newspaper.

BL’s white is no metaphor. It stands for right, fair, diligent, intelligent, pragmatic and objective business journalism. Its investment section on Mondays and agricultural coverage are must-reads for every investor.

Shyam Shekhar, Chennai

I was employed in Dubai when I had the first opportunity to buy and read the Business Line and have been a regular reader since its inception. At investor meets in Dubai or in the Indian Sports Club, people would invariably talk of the exhaustive coverage and the valuable information that the paper provides.

We then moved on to the US. At nights, I would access the website to keep track of the stock market, in particular, and the economic conditions in India.

Only when we returned to India for retirement and settled in Bengaluru could I use this wonderful treasure house of information to make safe investments. Every section of the paper is so well prepared and the galaxy of writers so knowledgeable. Of late, I enjoy participating in Bandu Blockbuster and reading in depth the analysis of various companies, portfolio ideas, taxes, etc by writers such as Lokeshwarri, Aarati Krishnan, Radhika Merwin, Anand Kalyanaraman, Rajalakshmi and ParvathaVardhini. Monday Edition is a feast well-spread-out that I never miss!

AK Ramdas, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Congratulations to HBL for completing its Silver Jubilee of publishing valuable, resourceful articles. Over the last 25 years, I have been regularly reading the paper to fine-tune my knowledge — be it for professional purposes, anticipating market moves, making investment decisions or trading in shares.

Subodh Mody, Mumbai

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