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| Updated on September 16, 2018 Published on September 16, 2018

Answers to some frequently asked questions in travel insurance

Is there a minimum duration of period for purchase of travel insurance?

Generally, there will be a minimum stipulated period. Normally, pricing of the policy goes by the “trip band”, that is, the number of days of travel involved, and there is a minimum trip band.

Is a medical check-up required to purchase a travel insurance policy?

You must check up with the insurer and/or the agent or broker about medical tests required and reports that are required to be submitted, along with the duly filled in proposal form. Check out the validity period of such reports as well — normally, reports within three to four weeks prior to departure are required.

Do I need prior approval of the insurance company before proceeding with medical treatment should the contingency arise?

Please read the policy thoroughly and understand whether there are such requirements.

Prior approval would be required in most cases though there could be exceptions depending on the emergency involved. Get this aspect clarified at the time of purchasing the policy.

Can I get a refund under my policy if I cut short my travel?

In case your travel doesn’t take off and you show proof of the same, policies would normally provide for premium refund, subject to deductions towards administrative costs.

Where travel is cut short, policies may or may not allow refund, subject to certain conditions.

Is my visa status relevant to obtain overseas travel insurance?

In most cases, it would be. Normally, such policies are meant for travellers who visit other countries on business or holiday or education or other purposes and not for those residing permanently abroad.

Source: IRDAI

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