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I am 45, with hypertension and diabetes. I went through a heart bypass surgery (CABG) last year. The surgery was successful and all parameters are now normal. I plan to buy a life and health insurance policy. I tried to get life insurance from ICICI Prudential and disclosed all my ailments upfront. But, after all the tests, they said they will not be in a position to issue me a policy. Can you help me identify a good life and health insurance for heart bypass patients?

Suresh V

While health insurers say they cover pre-existing diseases after a waiting period, it is not true when it comes to critical illnesses that affect the heart or other organs or, say, cancer. If you have had a critical surgery, insurers will not be willing to give you a cover.

In health insurance, one company that readily covers people with cardiac problems or surgeries is Star Health. The policy is Cardia Care. The company has a policy for cancer survivors too (Star Cancer Care).

In cardiac care, people who have undergone percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty/coronary artery bypass graft in the last seven years or some other treatment done to correct a cardiac condition in the past, are issued a life-long renewable cover. The sum insured you can get is ₹3-4 lakh. It is open to those up to 65 years. The cost of the ‘gold’ plan under the policy that covers medical management and surgical/interventional management for cardiac-related diseases is ₹21,475 for SI of ₹4 lakh. If you want to be paid only for surgical expenses, you can opt for the silver plan; the cost for the same SI will be ₹16,110.

Check if you can get covered under group health insurance of your employer. In group policies, there are no exclusion of individuals based on medical history.

In case of life insurance, there is no cover for those who have undergone critical surgeries. Most insurers reject the proposal.

The only way out here is to get a personal accident cover that covers risk of death due to accident; these are cheaper too. No medical tests are required. But note that death due to other reasons will not be covered.


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