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How to claim motor insurance

The following are the formalities for a motor insurance claim as provided by the IRDAI:

A claim under a motor insurance policy could be for

  • personal injury or property damage related to someone else — this person is called a third-party in this context
  • damage to your own insured vehicle — this is called an own-damage claim. You are eligible to claim this if you hold a comprehensive policy.

Third-party claim

In a third-party claim where your vehicle is involved, it is important to ensure that the accident is reported immediately to the police as well the insurance company. On the other hand, if you are a victim of the accident, that is, if somebody else’s vehicle was involved, you must obtain the insurance details of that vehicle and intimate the insurer of that vehicle.

Own-damage claim

In the event of an own-damage claim where your own vehicle is damaged due to an accident, you must immediately inform your insurance company and the police. This will hensure that the company deputes a surveyor to assess the loss.

Do not attempt to move the vehicle from the accident spot without the permission of the police and the insurance firm. Once you receive permission to remove the vehicle, you can move it for repairs. If your policy provides for cashless service, the insurance company will pay the workshop directly.

Theft claim

If your vehicle is stolen, you must inform the police and the insurance company immediately. In addition, you must keep the Transport Department informed. There may be certain specific documentation requirements for specific types of claims; check with the insurer regarding the same. For instance, for a theft claim, there is a special requirement that you should surrender the vehicle keys to the insurance company.

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