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| Updated on September 09, 2018 Published on September 09, 2018

Suresh Parthsarathy

I was working as an accountant in the Gulf, but lost my job recently. Since I am 48, most of the companies I approach are not keen to pay a decent salary. My daughter is in the second year of B. Com. Let me know if I can manage with my available funds to lead a comfortable life in a Tier II city.

Maheshwaran (Name changed on request)

Solutions: With the current funds, you can lead a reasonable life till 75, provided,you do proper asset allocation and invest your money. However, to beat the shortfall, you can sell your property and live in a rental house. When your income is almost nil, it is not wise to keep such big amounts in the savings bank account for eight months. Open a fixed deposit account and transfer the money. As interest rates are going up, invest ₹20 lakh in company deposits with good rating, which can earn 8.5 per cent annual return.

Out of the rest, set aside ₹1 lakh for your daughter’s final year studies. Invest the balance in mutual funds, predominantly in balanced and large-cap funds.

If the mutual fund delivers 12 per cent return, your equity investment will be worth around ₹33 lakh by the time your daughter gets married.

Utilise ₹13 lakh for marriage. If you have a shortfall in meeting monthly expenses, withdraw through the systematic withdrawal plan to meet the family expenses.

Increase your health cover by ₹3 lakh.

I suggest you take up a job now, even if the salary is less than your expectation.

If you can just meet the monthly expenses from your salary for the next 5-10 years, you will be in a position to bequeath the house to your daughter; also, going to work will keep you fit.

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