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I am 38. I work with a software company and am currently on an onsite assignment. My wife is a home-maker. My daughter is four and my son, two. I will return to India in the next few years. My salary will be ₹1 lakh once I come back. Do let me know how to reach my goals.


Going overboard on any asset class, real estate in your case, is not desirable.

The present monthly expenses of ₹40,000 will be ₹1.54 lakh by the time you turn 58. At retirement, you need a corpus of ₹4.6 crore. The current balance in your EPF and your future contribution, once you come back, will account for ₹1.02 crore. To meet the shortfall, save more while you work abroad.

Since the savings for the children are minimal, you will be left with a monthly surplus of ₹91,000 to invest. If it earns 12 per cent return, after three years it will be ₹39.2 lakh. If you continue to hold the investments till retirement, it will account for ₹2.7 crore. To meet the shortfall of ₹89 lakh, invest ₹14,800 a month after you come back to India. That way, even if your income is ₹1 lakh you will be able to accumulate a retirement corpus without disturbing other goals. Buy a term cover for ₹1.5 crore.

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