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I am 29, I work in a public sector bank in Jammu & Kashmir. My wife is a home-maker and we are expecting our first child shortly. My parents are independent; in fact, they will transfer ₹20,000 every month from October and have gifted me a house as well. Please suggest an aggressive investment plan for me, to meet future goals. I have ₹50-lakh term insurance.


Currently you are in a comfortable situation; Build on it, to create wealth. To meet all your goals, invest ₹42,600 a month. It will leave little money for any additional expenses. But if you invest as per table , you can save and relax.

Buying a sport utility vehicle is a short-term goal and it will be impossible to fund it with your own savings. Since you are eligible for loan at a discounted rate, avail a loan for ₹8 lakh. For making the down payment of ₹4 lakh, you need to invest ₹15,500 a month.

You need a retirement corpus of ₹4.3 crore. Your EPF accumulation will be ₹1.24 crore. To meet the shortfall, invest ₹7,500 a month.

For the international vacation you plan to take every four years, invest ₹4,500 and increase the savings by 31 per cent every four years. After the first block of four years, you need to step up the savings to ₹5,900.

Since you are young, you could increase the risk cover to ₹1 crore.

Have an asset allocation of 70:30 in equity and debt, respectively.

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