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I am 34, working abroad in an engineering company. My wife (32) and daughter (4) live in India. My parents are farmers and are financially dependent on me. After 10 years, I will return to India. I have invested only in fixed deposits. How can I reach my goals?


Wealth supports your early return. With your current investments, you can envisage returning to India in five years. Since you plan to work after your return, even if you earn just enough to maintain your life-style and fund your daughter’s secondary education, you can live comfortably in India and spend time with your family than live away from them in an African country.

Although you have not spread your investments to equity, you have utilised your surplus well. If you park your fixed deposits in an asset allocation of 50:50 in equity mutual fund and debt, you can meet all the goals, barring retirement.

You need a retirement corpus of ₹3.3 crore. So, if you deploy the monthly surplus of ₹95,000 at 12 per cent return, in five years it will be ₹77.5 lakh. This can be utilised as an emergency fund and for your vacation. During your next visit, try buying a term insurance with a public sector insurer.

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