‘Take care of senior citizens’

Senior citizens already enjoy some privileges and concessions. But many feel that still more attention and focus is needed.

Yogesh Maheshwari, a senior citizen from Pune, says, “What a senior citizen avails now as benefits is not sufficient. For the middle and lower class category, the government should introduce some exclusive medical care and pension schemes.” He also wants the government to introduce new investment instruments since fixed deposit rates are low at the moment. “Tax-free bonds of different tenors with a higher interest rate ranging between 8 per cent and 9.5 per cent exclusively for senior citizens can be considered,” suggests Yogesh. He says that instead of giving money to banks through fixed deposits, the government can use the amount raised through these bonds for developmental activities.

As one representing the common man, Yogesh also expects easing in tax slab rates. Additionally, he wants pension income to be considered tax-free income. “At the moment, even if you get ₹2,000 as pension, it is taxed. Government can consider slabs for taxing pension income or may even exempt it from being taxed,” adds Yogesh.

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