‘Make India a hub for higher education’

Education forms the base for every individual’s career path and every Union Budget has special mention and allocation for it. Saravanan S, an Assistant Professor, says “We do not need any more IITs or IIMs . It is time for the government to improve the infrastructure, faculty and education quality and provide good sanitation facilities at all the existing institutions across the country.”

He stresses improving transport facilities in the rural areas for easy access to educational institutions and also speeding up education loan and scholarship processing, which could motivate students. He also suggests providing laptops or tablets at a subsidised rate for students. Sport is a major part of educational institutions and Saravanan wants the government to encourage sports activities more.

“Special sports schools can be built in different zones to bring home more Olympic medals,” he says.

He wants more funds allotted to the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and for Entrepreneurship Development. Making India an international hub for higher education should be the objective for the ruling government. “Easing visa norms for foreign students and encouraging inter-country participative programmes will not only help in attracting more students from abroad but also in cultural sharing of knowledge. This will lead to India becoming an international hub for higher education,” adds Saravanan.

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