Golf has something for everyone

If you are not a professional player, there are other career opportunities in the sport

Golf is not just a sport; it’s an industry in itself. As a sport and as a business, golf operates on a huge scale. Although there are no official figures, an estimated 80 million golfers worldwide play on close to 40,000 courses across the globe. Golf events generate close to $2 billion a year, and the golf tourism market exceeds $1 billion annually.

Golf has something for everyone. If you don't have the skill to be a professional player, there are lots of other career opportunities in the sport. Here are few important options to choose from: If you are an accomplished amateur golfer, you can apply at the professional golf tour of India to play a qualifying tournament. Remuneration depends on the level of your game. If you are among the top 10, then sky is the limit.

Teaching pro/coach

Qualified coaches are needed at every level of the sport. You can train yourself at the National Golf Academy of India. A new coach can charge on an hourly basis and later can be employed by a golf course on a monthly salary plus coaching incentives. Then you can work your way up to a director of golf as you gain experience in the field.

Operations manager

Managers are required to run a golf facility that includes coordination among members, facility management, etc. An MBA with basic golf knowledge can apply for this position. However, there are a lot of golf management courses available in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada etc. But there is a good news as well. The International School of Corporate Management (ISCOM) has partnered with the prestigious Elmwood College, Scotland, to introduce the first-ever post-graduate programme in golf management in India. There is a good scope for a manager to become the general manager of a golf club with years of club management experience.


They are the ones maintaining the lush green areas on a golf course and every course looks out for a qualified turf professional to maintain it. A strong background in turf management or in agricultural sciences would be beneficial. You may have to apply in universities outside for a specialised golf turf management course..

Golf course architect

Specialists are needed to create new courses and improve old ones. Unfortunately there is a no golf course architectural degree available in India at the moment; however, there are educational programmes being offered in the US, Canada and the UK. Golf course architecture is more of an art than science; however, a civil engineering degree or a background of landscape architecture can be helpful .

The writer is a golf course architect and founder of AV Golf International

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