Corporates and golf go hand-in-hand

Golf event helps build relationship with new clients and reinforces ties with existing ones

What comes to mind when you see Tiger Woods playing? Nike, isn’t it? With time, things change, new players come on top and new sponsors come on board. But the fact remains that it’s difficult to separate corporate (and their sponsorship) from golf; they both go hand-in-hand. I just need to name few corporates and you will start recalling their association with Golf; Rolex, Adidas, HSBC, Fedex, Accenture, Mercedes Benz Master Card or Omega. These corporates are not there just for their own benefits; they organise various charity and fund raising events as well as CSR initiatives.

As per IEG Research, the worldwide spending on golf sponsorship is expected to total $1.65-billion mark by this year. Spending includes sponsorship of professional and amateur sanctioning bodies and tournaments, charity fund-raisers, endorsement deals and corporate hospitality.

Corporates play a major role in the development of the game, especially in developing countries such as India and Africa, where golf is still in a nascent stage.

Golf is considered synonymous with business and, probably, every second golfer is playing either to develop good rapport with his senior colleagues or to impress a golf-loving client. And what makes golf more appealing is that it can be played by people of all ages with differing abilities; a 25-year-old young executive can play with his 60-year-old high networth client and, sometimes, losing a game could be more beneficial than winning it!

What’s corporate golf?

Corporate golf is a term coined for a group of people from the corporate world playing golf on a regular basis, either for fun or for business. They keep the golf courses busy across the globe.

Generally, several corporates organise golf events for their clients and associates to build trust and rapport. A one or two-day corporate golf events are planned, managed by professional golf event management companies, because it’s not just about playing and interacting; it’s about an experience which the organisers want to give to their invitees. A well-organised corporate golf event is very beneficial as it helps to distinguish your company from the rest.

Role of corporates

Apart from these events, a lot of corporate outings are planned as well, from team-building initiatives to developing exclusive business leads; from thanking clients to company brainstorming, a corporate has all the reasons to get on to a golf Course. Corporates want to make their clients feel privileged.

From customers of a bank to luxury car owners to credit card holders, every corporate has a client to cater to. What can be better than introducing them to a game of golf.

There are now many operators in the business of corporate golf tours — both domestic and international. Operators from the US, the UK and Australia plan trips to South-East Asia, especially Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and vice-versa.

Corporates are the key players to make golf a multi-billion dollar industry. They help in sponsoring professional tournaments, corporate events and outings. They travel to various golfing destinations, buy most of the membership, buy equipment and merchandise and sponsor players.

The writer is the founder & Golf Course Architect at A V Golf International

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