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Duggirala mandi: What’s changed after eNAM

| Updated on August 19, 2018 Published on August 19, 2018

Duggirala, a village in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, joined the electronic National Agriculture Market (eNAM) platform in May 2017. It was one of the 10 mandis in AP to join eNAM in the programme’s second phase. The mandi had been using the online platform of NeML (NCDEX eMarkets Ltd) till then.

All operations, right from gate entry to exit, e-bidding and electronic weighing are now done as per the process set by Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Chemicals, the company that developed, and now operates and maintains, the eNAM platform countrywide.

Online bidding is done every day between 9.30 am and 11.00 am. The server generates the winners list and the lot then goes for electronic weighing. Post this, the sale bill is generated and given to the respective trader, and he initiates online payment.

At Duggirala Agricultural Market Committee (AMC), 60 per cent of the payment is made online. The mandi has been able to achieve this feat in a short span of time as it does not employ commission agents.

The AMC has the account details of all the traders (91) and farmers (12,353) in the eNAM server now.

The assaying lab at the mandi was established on May 1, 2018. On an average, 50-60 per cent of lots that arrive any day are assayed at the mandi. Last May during the peak arrivals, when the market saw over 100 lots arrive in a day, about 40 per cent of them were assayed. Since May 2018, over 2,000 lots of turmeric have been assayed at the mandi.

Duggirala AMC has set an example for other mandis in the State as well as those across the country with its quick acceptance of the online platform and payment.

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