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Writing on ‘the importance of momentum' in ‘ I Lost My Job and I Liked It' Lilou Mace says you have to be able to catch the wave of an opportunity when it comes ( > www.macmillanpublishersindia.com).

So start paddling right now and start building movement and speed so when the wave arrives you can surf it and be off and away, the author advises, using a metaphor. For, if you're just sitting on your couch and doing nothing, then nothing's going to happen.

Lest you think that building momentum means just doing any kind of action, the author clarifies that it is about feeling good and about positive movement, even it is just going to the gym or walking in nature, or writing your journal — anything that you feel inspired to do, and anything that makes you feel you are moving forward and you are nourishing your body and mind.

Emphasising the application of the ‘Law of Attraction,' Mace suggests you list ten things in your journal, ‘right now,' that you just love doing, that make you feel great, such as meeting a friend, having a bubble bath, getting a manicure done, a massage, going on a date, doing a seminar. “You must do those things that will uplift and inspire you. Then you must follow where the resultant inspirational thoughts guide you,” she urges.

Intelligent filter

To those who are keen to find a job that fully corresponds to their being, the author's counsel is to just relax, get out of the way, and let things unfold. She acknowledges that the fear around unemployment and the economic situation can create worries inside of us. “When you turn on the radio, or open the newspaper, or talk to friends, you may get the impression that everyone is worried, and this then contributes to making you worried, and then you're away in that negative spiral.” Instead, if you focus on ‘all is well' you will attract some new ideas about what you should be doing, assures Mace.

Be informed but be selective about your sources of information, she recommends. “While I'm eating my salad I'm reading some news from Pierre Jovanovic. It's in French and contains some really useful information about what's going on in the world — things that the popular local media are not telling us.”

Adding that it is quite negative, Mace reasons that she really wants to face reality as long as she learns about it from a reliable source, rather than directly and solely from the mainstream media, because Jovanovic “acts as an intelligent filter, selecting a range of articles from the global media and putting another perspective on what's happening in the world. This is both interesting and grounding for me, and I think I need it.”

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