7 checks for buying farmland

Devajyoti Barman, advocate of High Court, Calcutta, associated with Kaanoon.com gives a list of items to check before buying farmland.

1 Check the title deed of the land and previous land deeds available with the seller. If there is more than one owner, get a release certificate

2 Verify the Conveyance or Sale Deed to ascertain whether the property belongs to a society or development authority

3 Go through tax receipts and ensure there are no dues

4 Obtain encumbrance certificate from the sub-registrar office, stating that the land does not have any legal dues and complaints. If there is a bank loan pending against the land, ask for a release certificate from the bank

5 This ensures that the owner does not change his word regarding the cost as well as make a sale to someone who offers more money

6 Register the title transfer at the office of the Registrar. It acts as proof that a transaction has taken place

7 The whole legal procedure will be complete only if the new owners’ names are added in the village office records. An application along with the copy of the registered deed has to be made to the Village office

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