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By Invitation: Raising the caps for lower rated bonds


Corporate bond market can benefit from higher demand for bonds rated below AA »

Don’t forget the revenue deficit


Revenue deficit slippage has consequences for capital expenditure »

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This political leader is likely to lose his public post over recent corruption charges. Name the pe... »

It’s action time for Indian mining

Anjani Agrawal

Thanks to recent policy initiatives, there are many opportunities to be tapped »
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Extended pause on repo rate likely


Naresh Takkar

Volatility in monthly CPI inflation gives cautious bias to monetary policy »

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This politician is trying his best to strengthen his country’s ties with other world economies, particularly in recent times. Name the personality. Send your response to One ... »
By Invitation

Automation, natural way to progress

Rakesh Nangia

Today’s hottest sector are robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. Mind you, it’s much more than just a buzzword. Our day-to-day life is undergoing an overhauling. In healthcare, which i... »

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The financial acumen of this personality was recently put to test when he charted a major fiscal recourse for his country. Name him.Send your response to One correct response re... »
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Bridge the gap on GST price control

Rajeev Dimri

The intent is to contain inflation. But the government must spell out the method »

Miles to go before GST Council can sleep


TCA Sharad Raghavan

The Goods and Services Tax Council and the government might be tempted to take a breather after the latest round of changes announced to the rates and filing deadlines, but there is still a lot left t... »
Meet the Expert

IoT to play a major role in ushering in economic transformation

KK Raman, Partner, Business Excellence, KPMG India

Satya Sontanam, Bavadharini KS

KK Raman of KPMG talks of the technological developments - IoT, AI, Blockchain and more »
By Invitation

Making India more business-friendly


Haigreve Khaitan/Atul Pandey

A look at the impact of recent regulatory reforms and the way ahead »

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This man was recently given the top post in a globally reputed institution. Name the personality.Send your response to One correct response received before Wednesday wins ₹2,000... »

How to make it ‘Good and Simple Tax’

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Interest rate transmission and beyond

An era of transformation for public sector OMCs

It’s time India participated in global growth


This founder of a popular start-up is making travel costs cheaper across the globe. Name the personality. Send your response to One correct response received before Wednesday win... »
By Invitation

Light at the end of the tunnel

Mahesh Patil

The second half of fiscal 2018 promises to be a period of positive surprises »

Making bank-recap bonds non-disruptive

Shyamal Karmakar

When the bank recapitalisation package of ₹2.11 trillion, including recap bonds of ₹1.35 trillion, was announced, there was a strong rally in PSU bank equities (NSE PSU Index up over 30 per cent) an... »
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Why bitcoin does not pose a threat

Massimo Vernicesole/

Lokeshwarri S K

The virtual currency market is too small to cause problems, if there is a crash »
Economic Trends

Who dances with whom in this tango?

Manish Gunwani

Here are insights on the link between GDP growth, corporate profits and equity returns »

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FILE PHOTO: Dmitri Rybolovlev of Russia, President of AS Monaco Football Club, attends Monaco's Ligue 1 soccer match against Paris St Germain at Louis II stadium in Monaco March 1, 2015. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard/File Photo

Recently, this billionaire raked in the moolah from an historic sale of artwork. Name the personality. Send your response to One correct response received before Wednesday wins ... »

Maintaining records, the blockchain way

Pushish Images/


In an unprecedented development, in July this year, the state of Delaware in the US, home to almost 60 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide, amended its General Corporation Law to allow cor... »

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The person featured here was recently in the news for supporting stricter norms for the banking sector in her region. Name her. Send your response to blgofigur... »
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The endgame for tax paradises

Lokeshwarri S K

The revelations in Paradise Papers will lead to a renewed call for curbs on tax havens »

A take on the Kotak committee report


Rajesh SP

A 177-page report on strengthening corporate governance has been presented by a committee chaired by Uday Kotak, Executive vice Chairman and managing director of Kotak Mahindra Bank. A glance throu... »

Too soon to gauge note ban impact

Rule tweaks will take GST only so far

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Indian MNCs back to the drawing board

The choice of top 10 stocks/sectors in a fund's portfolio is important as the top picks usually occupy a major portion of the portfolio, determine the level of diversification and help funds gener... »

Buying a house to just rent it out may not be a lucrative option in India, shows study of data provided by JLL India. Average rental yields were 3.1 per cent, as of May 2017, for top six cities in... »


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