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The shared blame of the GST Council

TCA Sharad Raghavan

One aspect of the current implementation of the Goods and Services Tax that has mostly been left out... »
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An uphill drive in GST’s first 100 days

Thammanoon Khamchalee/


The Government should collect taxes like a honeybee, which collects just the right amount of honey f... »

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This property tycoon recently topped the wealth charts in his country and surprised many by surpass... »

Bandu's Blockbusters

On April 1, four years back, piqued by the incessant jokes in the village at his expense, Bandu Bar... »

Reaping less from sky and field

Aditi Nayar

Uneven monsoon will weigh upon farm growth and push up food inflation »

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This CEO is trying his best to retain his employees through attractive monetary benefits as he attempts to stabilise this Irish company. Name the personality Send your response to blgofigure@gmail... »
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Hawkish tilt to ‘dovish hold’

B Prasanna

The RBI’s language clearly indicates that inflation targets are paramount »
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Improving investment sentiment is key


Ramping up government spending may work for the short term but not for the long haul »

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This policy expert is getting his country’s economy back to shape. Name the personality. Send your response to One correct response recei... »
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Expect the RBI to stay on hold


The Monetary Policy committee will face a policy quandary in its meeting next week, requiring a balancing act between growth impulse, inflation targeting, liquidity management and currency stabilisat... »
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Renewable energy needs hand-holding

Soonthorn Wongsaita/

Kameswara Rao

Lack of state support for supply chain creates a regressive environment for manufacturers »
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Tax transparency in a connected world

Alexander Supertramp/

Rakesh Nangia, Neetu Singh

India has included many proposals in its tax legislation to bring it to global standards »

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This ex-investment banker is currently advising a government on economic affairs. Name the person. Send your response to One correct resp... »
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Contraction in bank credit is worrisome


But the RBI, in its latest annual report, cites only standard factors as responsible »
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Putting Rail Development Authority on track

Manish Agarwal

Zeal is needed to take it beyond the limited formal role »

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Why rupee should strengthen further

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Rate cut on hold and rightly so

Indranil Pan

The RBI has avoided acting in haste in the face of confusing signals »

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Since his entry three years ago, this CEO is leading the digital transformation of this education company. Name him. Send your response to »
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Rate cut may not be the best solution

Naresh Takkar

Instead, a targeted fiscal and policy intervention will help boost the economy »

Centre must steady the economy ship


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has been holding meetings with his ministerial colleagues, Secretaries, and the Chief Economic Advisor to ascertain what the Centre can do to boost the steadily slowing e... »
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Who will regulate the discoms?


The use of solar power to generate electricity is rapidly gaining in prominence, not only in India but in other developing and developed regions as well. At this stage, it is very important that in In... »

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This CEO is happy to witness her company go public. Name the personality. Send your response to blgofigure@ One correct response received before Wed... »

Wi-Fi may steal a march over mobile data

Lester Balajadia/

Bavadharini KS

Improvement in Wi-Fi infrastructure can significantly reduce costs and increase speed »
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Monsoon and agri-input stocks

Nalinakanthi V

Seeds, fertilisers and insecticide stocks have rallied on the back of good monsoons »

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This politician, whose picture is featured above, came into prominence after a Supreme Court verdict. Name the politician. Send your response toblgofigure@gm... »

Time to match the dragon’s firepower

Muthukumar K

India must boost its defence budget to keep pace with China’s military spends »

Come September, it’s taxing times

The choice of top 10 stocks/sectors in a fund's portfolio is important as the top picks usually occupy a major portion of the portfolio, determine the level of diversification and help funds gener... »

Buying a house to just rent it out may not be a lucrative option in India, shows study of data provided by JLL India. Average rental yields were 3.1 per cent, as of May 2017, for top six cities in... »


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