Smart Money Moves

Bavadharini K S

Both MFs and FPIs have cornered stocks that gave high returns but who has been more nifty between September last year and now? Here are our findings »

The demonetisation knock: India Inc largely unhurt

Sergey Nivens/

Lokeshwarri S K

Some sectors took a hit in the months following the note ban. Excess liquidity pulled down rates, punching savers and rewarding borrowers while taxpayers had to bear higher scrutiny »

Wield the shield

Gurumurthy K

“Chalta hai, yaar.” This is the attitude of Indian business when it comes to forex hedging. Expo... »

The 3 phases of MF investment

Dhuraivel Gunasekaran

Create, preserve, redeem... No, we are not talking of the cosmic life-cycle but the mantra to manage your mutual fund investments »

6 picks to light up Diwali

Anand Kalyanaraman, Radhika Merwin, Rajalakshmi Nirmal, Parvatha Vardhini C, Muthukumar K, Nalinakanthi V

Diwali is around the corner. Are you one of those investors keen on playing the Muhurat trading session? If so, you might be wondering which stocks to pick this year. Doing a quick assessment of h... »

The Fibonacci mystique in markets

Lokeshwarri S K

The number sequence of Leonardo Fibonacci has an uncanny ability to influence financial markets. Lokeshwarri S K offers a peek into this wonderland »

Shopping for loans

Radhika Merwin

As the festival frenzy grips shoppers, banks are getting into the act by offering attractive loans. We zoom into the scene to help you choose the best deals »

The choice of top 10 stocks/sectors in a fund's portfolio is important as the top picks usually occupy a major portion of the portfolio, determine the level of diversification and help funds gener... »

Buying a house to just rent it out may not be a lucrative option in India, shows study of data provided by JLL India. Average rental yields were 3.1 per cent, as of May 2017, for top six cities in... »


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